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India is a best country to explore because there are many places to visit in india. so here we are starting the best places to visit in india.

  • First we have to devide india in four parts
    1. North India
    2. South India
    3. East India
    4. West India

Click on the state for explore

  • East India
    1. Odisha
    2. Kolkatta
    3. Bihar
    4. Jharkhand
    5. West Bengal
    6. Tripura
    7. Meghalaya
    8. Nagaland
    9. Mizoram
    10. Arunachal Pradesh
    11. Chhattisgadh
    12. Assam
    13. Sikkim
  • West India
    1. Gujarat
    2. Maharashtra
    3. Madhya Pradesh
    4. Rajasthan

Just click on the state therefore you can see the detailed places to visit in that state

Just make a plan by your routs and explore about the places here, and make a plan of a trip

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