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So lets start about Haryana tourism. There are so many tourist places of haryana

The best places of haryana are kurukshetra, karnal, panipat, ambala and chandigarh (the capital of the hryana)

kurukshetra tourist places

  • Its situation is in north-west of delhi.
  • The mahabharat yuddha (battle of mahabharat) has occured in this place.
  • there are four kund in this place to visit and among this all four kund the bhishma kund is famouse.
  • the bhagwat geeta explained by the krishna to arjun in kurukshetra.
  • bhrahma sarovar is the famous place of kurukshetra.

Panipat tourist places

  • The land of war panipat.
  • in this place there are 3 main war happen.
  • the first war happen in between mohammad babar and ibrahim lodi in 1526.
  • the babar defeated the ibrahim lodi in this war.
  • the second war happen afterthirty yeain panipat was between the vikramaditya hemu and Akbar in 1556.
  • Akbar defeated the vikramaditya hemu in this war.
  • the third war happen between ahmadsah abdali and marathas in 1761.
  • In this war abdali defeated the marathas.

Chandigarh tourist places

  • The capital of haryana is chandigarh.
  • early planned city in post independent india and it is famouse for its architectural an urban design.
  • the city is to be one of the cleanest city in india based on the national government study.

Karnal tourist places

  • Karnal is the one of the oldest district of the haryana
  • This land is the land of danveer karna.
  • karnal’s othe name is the rice bowl of india.
  • the peaople of this place is beliving that this thi place raja was danveer karna.

Hansi fort(asigarh fort)

  • the fort of hansi is famous in this place.
  • its 2nd name is asigarh fort.
Asigarh fort

Kaithal fort

Kaithal fort

Map of haryana

Map of haryana

Best books of haryana

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